Fixed income research

Amicus recommendations are based on comprehensive fundamental credit research and where appropriate detailed modelling of the investment structures and stochastic and scenario analysis.

New Investment Appraisals

We can provide a comprehensive assessment of any new investment comprising modelling, risk of default, cash flow disruption, ratings downgrade and ongoing stability. The review will also include an assessment of fair value both fundamentally and in comparison with alternatives and the possibility of capital appreciation. 

For investors holding or building a diversified investment portfolio, or investors seeking one-off Fixed Income research reports, we are able to provide research coverage for the following types of Australian Fixed Income Securities:

  • Bank Senior Secured or Unsecured Debt
  • Bank Subordinated Debt
  • Corporate Bonds
  • Hybrid / Convertible Securities

At a portfolio level, we can help clients maximise the overall return of their Fixed Income Portfolios whilst at the same time exploring ways to reduce the overall risk, volatility and correlation. Whilst our Fixed Income research reports for any one security are the same for all investors (whether buying, selling or holding), once clients have considered all information we help them determine the ideal exposure they should hold based on their own specific risk appetite or risk aversion. 

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