Retained investment advisory services

Amicus’ largest business component is retained investment advisory services where the client pays a monthly fee to retain Amicus to provide investment advice and/or investment management on the client’s investment portfolio. Specific services offered by Amicus under this service are:

Existing Portfolio Assessment and Advice

Amicus provides a comprehensive review of all our retained clients’ portfolios. Studies (available for request) show that Amicus advice has historically added between 20 bps and 40 bps of additional returns over a default position of simply rolling 3 month term deposits for conservative clients. Further comparisons show Amicus clients typically outperform other peer clients (without advice or advised by others) as a group by around 15 bps to 20 bps per annum independent of the client portfolio size. While we charge by service level rather than portfolio size, the typical cost of Amicus advisory service is around 1 bp to 3 bps (for a typical range of portfolio size) and so clients usually receive a five to ten fold return on their investment, plus the qualitative and quantitative benefits of the other services that Amicus offers as detailed below.

Investment Policy Review and Strategy Formulation

Amicus reviews and develops bespoke investment policies and strategies specific to clients’ needs, risk profile and regulatory environment. We have been commissioned by local government, churches and charities, universities and schools, corporates and fund management clients. This service also includes developing appropriate Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) investing policies. We also help formulate an ongoing investment strategy which operates within the policy framework to ensure returns are maximised and risks minimised under varying market conditions and within the constraints of the overarching investment policy.

Reporting, Compliance and External Monitoring

Amicus reports each month on retained clients’ portfolios. These reports are either used directly or to supplement internally generated reports within the organisation.   The portfolio is checked against investment policy limits to ensure it is compliant with the investment policy and we report on progress implementing the agreed investment strategy. For clients wanting a higher level of real time reporting and deal entry, we offer a third party solution through a number of different platforms which we integrate with our overall service. This software is particularly useful for entities looking at more sophisticated investments beyond term deposits such as managed funds or FRNs where the reporting system can be integrated with Austraclear proxy services.

Portfolio Valuations

Amicus provides monthly valuations on all securities to its retained clients as part of its service and liaises with auditors at year end where necessary to ensure annual accounts are signed off without qualification.

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