Project Based Advisory

Amicus has worked with a wide variety of clients on specific projects relating to their fixed income and investment needs, where the client wished to source advice on a specific issue rather than retain an advisor on an ongoing basis (although many projects undertaken have led to retained advisory contracts). Typical categories of prior engagements are described below, however Amicus is very happy to discuss any potential projects with prospective clients:

Portfolio Valuations

Amicus can be commissioned to provide independent valuation of the client’s portfolio based on current trading prices (actual trades or bids and offers), by reference to other tradeable securities or by other methods where no active markets exist (level, 1 2 & 3 valuations). This is provided as part of our service to retained clients and on a project basis to others.  Amicus’ independent valuations have been accepted by all the major auditors including PWC, Spencer Steer, Morse Group, Forsyths, Auswild, Grant Thornton, Pitcher Partners and the Audit Office of NSW.

Investment Policy Review and Strategy Formulation

Amicus has formulated investment policies for a large number of clients on a bespoke basis. We have been commissioned by local government, churches and charities, universities and schools, corporates and fund management clients.  We find our cross-market knowledge is very helpful in providing insight into how different industries approach a variety of issues. 

Socially and Environmentally Responsible Investing

Amicus has been frequently called upon to provide advice in this field; particularly in the area of investment policy formulation. Amicus has advised many clients in the use of negative only or balanced filters (positives off-setting negatives), primary vs peripheral business focus, degree of specialisation (whether a supplier is specifically targeting a particular industry or makes a general product), degree of involvement and how to deal with investments in major Australian banks who fund all business in the economy including fossil fuel power generation. Amicus is familiar with “Green bonds”, Social Benefit Bonds, various ethical investment funds and other potential ESG investments.

Advice on Legacy Structured Investments

Amicus is expert in the areas of structured investments including CDOs.  Amicus was originally founded in June 2008 as Structured Credit Research and Advisory to help clients with structured investments purchased prior to the GFC. Amicus can help with valuations, risk of default or loss and the possibility of sales for any residual positions. Amicus can advise whether to continue holding or to sell will likely provide the best economic outcome.  However Amicus is also conscious that other factors may affect the ultimate decision and sensitive to these issues.

Post the GFC, Amicus advice saved its clients millions of dollars by advising clients to continue holding their investments rather than selling at distressed prices as in general most of the structured products issued recovered in value and matured without loss (despite the press headlines).  Most investors who sold in 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011 often did so at depressed prices and incurred substantive losses as a result.

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