Independent Valuations Available for EOFY

The financial year end is drawing to a close and we remind investors independent securities valuations for both internal and external audit purposes can be obtained from Amicus.

Amicus is skilled in sourcing and determining Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 valuations for a wide variety of assets and our valuations are accepted by all the major auditing firms including PWC, Spencer Steer, Morse Group, Forsyths, Auswild, Grant Thornton, Pitcher Partners and the Audit Office of NSW.  We provide regular valuations for a range of investors both on a retained and project basis across a wide range of assets including fixed interest investments, shares, funds and property trusts.  Amicus has also been  retained to provide expert evidence on valuations for the purpose of calculating losses in a variety of legal disputes both historical and ongoing.

We encourage investors with any questions to contact us ahead of time, particularly where level 3 valuations are called for or if you anticipate any questions from your auditors as it is often easier to arrange to capture the necessary valuations on 30 June 2020 rather than to look back retrospectively.

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