Our Philosophy

A Completely Independent Advisory Business

Amicus is 100% owned by its staff with no outside shareholders or parent organisation influencing decisions. Amicus derives all its revenues from client advisory fees and maintains no other businesses such as broking or funds management which could provide actual or potential conflicts of interest as has been shown to be the case by the Hayne Royal Commission for many vertically integrated financial services business. Amicus maintains its own Australian Financial Services License (AFSL No. 384126) and is not an authorised representative where under law it would be required to “provide financial services on behalf of” its licensor that may be vertically integrated business engaged in selling product or a large retail financial planning umbrella organisation.  Amicus acts as a fiduciary exercising an ethical relationship of trust with its clients providing financial advice in a prudent manner and placing the client’s interests ahead of its own remuneration.

Strategic and Rigorous Analysis

Amicus works with its clients primarily at the strategic level firstly to set investment strategy and objectives and then to execute on the agreed course of action.  Amicus supports all its recommendations with fundamental research and rigorous analysis and the experienced judgement of its staff. However, Amicus does not manage money or exercise discretion over client accounts with every investment decision ultimately being made by the client.

Superior Performance and Value

Amicus strictly benchmarks its recommendations to investment outcomes and measures each client’s investment portfolio performance against those of peers where possible to ensure Amicus’ advice is adding value. Amicus generally targets a five to ten fold benefit for its clients of improved performance over fees paid to Amicus either on a retained mandate or on a “success fee” project basis. Amicus’ costs are generally much lower than those of peers as we have a small cost base and we do not have to provide returns to external share-holders.  Amicus also focuses on higher value activities rather than day to day transactional execution where our client value-add is the greatest.

Friendly and Non-Aggressive Approach

When choosing the name “Amicus” for our business we wished to convey our values and approach to clients, peers and everyone else we interact with professionally, which is to act as a friend.  Amicus is the Latin word for friend and its root has been used for the word friend in many different languages; Ami – French, Amico – Italian, Amigo – Spanish, Amigos – Portuguese.  We can provide references from current and former clients upon request as to how easy and pleasant it has been for them to work with us whether on a short project basis or a retained basis over many years.  Amicus is proud to report it has an unblemished record of customer satisfaction with no disputes or complaints ever being made against Amicus on a formal or informal basis.  Amicus has never been the subject of any legal disputes and has never been threatened with legal actions.

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